Car Lighting Selector

Right lighting for more comfort and greater safety on the road ahead of you

Test form

Nowadays cars come with different lighting packages and options, and comparing these is quite challenging. We believe that the best way to experience car lighting is to simply take a test drive. As you might imagine, we recommend a night drive, as you can best judge the value of many features during the dark hours.

In order to give some guidance in evaluating the car lighting and features we have developed a test form.

This form can be used to track your personal view on a specific configuration. We created two main categories: 'Light characteristics' and 'Intelligent light features'. In these categories you can give different items a score. In the end, you'll get a summary which you can print. Comparing different configurations in multiple test drives of course would be the best way to define your personal favorite. The scoring form in the end will show you a comparison between the different configurations.

For the scoring we suggest to use three:

1 for Bad,
4 for Satisfactory,
10 for Excellent.

This will give a good indication of your preference. The results form shows how the scoring is built up, so you can also compare configurations on details.

Result configuration 1

Low beam High beam Intelligent light

Result configuration 2

Low beam High beam Intelligent light

Result configuration 3

Low beam High beam Intelligent light